Blink Keeps Sending Email - Verify Device Login - Blink stops working

Hi guys, so i’ll admit, total noob here but I’ve been very much enjoying learning about HA!

Everything was working fine with my BLINK integration and I had some useful automations set up. But… then i keep getting this email asking me to verify my device. At the same time all my blink devices become ‘unnavailable’ in HA. Nooo!

I don’t expect anyone to walk me through a fix. But is there a fix? Where would I need to go to find it?

I’m in the UK running Version 0.118.5 of HA

Any help for a beginner appreciated!

Thank you

Although I have no idea where to even start by looking at that thread! :rofl:

The TL;DR seems to be this:

The issue has to do with the way tokens are refreshed in the library and has no known fix yet. This problem exists outside of the home-assistant ecosystem so changes within home-assistant cannot address this problem (it must be fixed in the library)

Thanks mate!

No fix then… :expressionless:

I’m in the UK and get the 2FA email every 24 hours (at the same time I started / restarted HA), however my kit keeps working.
Have you checked that your Blink account still works in the app? Are you using a very frequent scan interval (i.e. more frequent than the default 5 minute)?
I ask because Blink have a bit of a reputation for locking accounts for “security reasons” (a.k.a integrations that aren’t officially endorsed) and have a tendency not to notify the account holder.

My Blink account still works fine in the official Blink app.

When you say the scan interval… Where do I check what mine is set to?

The default is 5 minutes / 300 seconds and it is under the Options link on the Blink integration.

If you’ve not set it specifically and you can access your account through the app then this is not something to worry about.

Thanks. Yes I checked this in the blink integration and it’s set to 300 seconds.

Why would yours be okay but mine keeps getting thrown off every day or so?

I have the same issue like you, guess we need to wait for a final fix in the library. But yeah the Blink app is still working

Mine’s an old account so might be on legacy endpoints I guess :man_shrugging:

I do nothing more than arm / disarm the sync module based on presence and the house hasn’t been empty since March as we both currently work from home - it’s entirely possible that I might see some issues if the automations were in use.

I have the same issue, I have seen no official communication but the library thread is helpful, appears that the OAuth2 refresh token is not refreshing… I will keep looking as well.

It sounds like they fixed it to continue to work for them with the newest version while still getting the email. For me it stops working altogether.

Probably broken by Amazon now that they own them.