Blink Keeps Sending Email - Verify Device Login

Blink is working in HA and I’ve done the 2FA but I keep getting emails day after day from Blink saying:

We’ve detected a login attempt on your Blink account from:
Device: Home Assistant
Device Name: Computer

To confirm this was you, please enter the verification code below in your app now.

Any way to fix this or keep ignoring?


For the moment, ignore:

I Still have the problem, there is something I should do on my side ?

I haven’t been following this issue for some time. I’d suggest checking the GitHub links

that’s why I’m asking, the tickets are closed. But I still got the problem

Then as the bug is fixed personally I’d try removing and reinstalling the integration, assuming you are running a recent version of HA that has the fixes in.

thanks I’ll try it

FYI the Blink integration revisions may force reconfiguration of the integration in 2021.4.0
I was prompted with a persistent notification to reconfigure after upgrading and then prompted for a 2FA code.
Reconfiguration went fine, but I had to downgrade for other reasons.

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