Blink vs arlo gen 2

Hey everyone looking to add a few more cameras to help cover blind spots left by my foscam and ring. Looking at either the blink or the newer arlo(not pro). Price are close 129 USD for a blink xt and 179 CAD for a 1 camera arlo. Anyone using either with hass and what are your thoughts?. Also what else can you do with them can you use the motion sensors to fire other events?

Also as a note I live in the great white north so cold is gonna happen.

Thanks in advance

Im at the same point but for other reasons!
I am looking for a battery powered outdoor camera and now it is Blink XT or Arlo HD.
But I am unsure about how good the Home Assistant integration actually is…

The most important feature for me is the snap picture component. Id like a snapshot sent with telegram to my smartphone when a Xiaomi Motion Sensor is triggered. Is that possible with these cameras?


@DavidK2016 Hope you dont mind me hijacking your thread