Blisslights Integration

With the addition of Bluetooth as an official integration, it would be amazing if someone were able to add the new bluetooth Skylights from Blisslights into HA as an integration.

Currently the only way to “control” them from HA is using a smart plug, but the Skylights a) don’t remember their last state when being turned off through the outlet (so you only get the default color every time) and b) you can’t change any of the colors/themes unless you open the Blisslights app itself.

I thought about adding an ESP chip but it would be much nicer if it was added to the bluetooth integration as you mentioned.

I was literally about to add an ESP chip to our kid’s light but now that HA can do bluetooth, this saves so much more hassle (not to mention I don’t have to worry about destroying the thing and buying another). I’d love for this integration to be a reality.

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I know this is old, but did anyone ever get this working?

Just saw these today and thought they looked great but trying to avoid any lighting that cannot be controlled by HA now.

Would love if at least the WiFi models could be integrated