BlitzWolf® BW-IS6 DIY 2G GSM, 433Mhz & WIFI Smart Home Security Alarm System

Has anyone tried using BlitzWolf® BW-IS6 DIY 2G GSM&433Mhz&WIFI Smart Home Security Alarm System with Home Assistant?

Looks like affordable 433MHz sensors that connect to a hub which connects to WiFi.
It has GSM and battery backup.
Would be nice to have it as an alarm panel in HA with all the sensors for automations and if the GSM could be used for sending SMSs, Calls or Push Notifications that could be a great bonus.

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personally, I would either:

  1. Get a proper branded security system (like paradox)
  2. Build one myself with a protocol that I already use

You have got to check what you can get for your money here, and I think you will be abel to get much more for your money if you simply buy the Xiaomi zigbee stuff and use the native HA alarm control panel…

This product seems between the 2 options and personally, I would not go for this. As an additional curve ball, there would appear to be no integration components for HA either which leaves you to either make one yourself or wait…
it would appear that with that package you get:

1x motion sensor
2x open/close sensors
1x hub

The xiaomi stuff you can get for around R166 (x3 = R498)

You can then pickup a conbee stick as well as a mobile dongle…

This will give you far moreflexibility down the road…

Also in the package it gives you remotes… I find these pretty useless if you can control the automations etc with presence detection etc…

The reason for my post is to find out if anyone has been able to get this working with HA or if it is even possible. Maybe we can add support for it if there’s enough interest.

I have some Xiaomi Motion and Door/Window Sensors. They work fine, but they are expensive (mostly due to using Zigbee vs 433MHz). 433MHz is fine for Door/Window and PIR/Motion Sensors. The Sonoff sensors don’t have separate codes for Open/Close and they are much bigger.

Door/Window Sensor

  • Xiaomi ± ZAR 170 x 5 = 850
  • BlitzWolf ± ZAR 52 x 5 = 260

PIR/Motion Sensor

  • Xiaomi ± ZAR 212 x 5 = 1060
  • BlitzWolf ± ZAR 103 x 5 = 515

The BlitzWolf Door/Window Sensor also has a tamper alarm, which is nice.

What I like about this BlitzWolf panel vs HA Alarm

  • It’s a physical panel that I can input a pin on to arm/disarm should I wish/need to or if I have people house sitting for me.
  • It has 2G GSM so it can send SMS/Call me, which I can’t currently do with HA
  • It has battery backup, so it works when my power fails. I’d like to send a notification to my phone to notify me of this. When my fibre goes down I can’t access my HA.

A ConBee II dongle alone is around ZAR 800 and doesn’t ship to ZA.

I’m not saying this panel is the best solution. If I can achieve all of this functionality with other components, that is fine too. Just trying to throw some ideas around.

goedkoop is duurkoop… especially if you are intending to use this for security…

you should also look on here: as I find them generally much cheaper than banggood…

I can’t help but wonder why you say “goedkoop is duurkoop”. Are you saying BlitzWolf is bad simply because it costs less than Xiaomi/Aqara? If this is the case I’d be interested in why you say that. Also, could you provide alternative solutions rather than simply saying “that buying cheap products end up costing more”. What alternatives can you offer me so I can do what I described above?

I also find your message saying “goedkoop is duurkoop” and then linking me to “much cheaper than banggood” quite ironic, but thanks anyway, I’ll check out AliExpress :+1:

UPDATE: Checked out AliExpress. While the items may be priced lower, the shipping is much more expensive.

You can buy whatever you like from wherever you like… I am simply giving you my opinion within the context of home assistant … you can buy cheap stuff if you like as well and hence trying to help even further by showing you alternative outlets… bit trust me… you get what you pay for… go with a well known and supported brand and protocol

If you would like to share your experience building a solution like this using different components, that would be much more helpful than simply stating that this is what you would personally do.

If you want to offer alternative brands it would be great if they were in a similar price range and have the same feature set as the ones I’m asking about.

I’m aware that HA works great with many brands including Xiaomi, Sonoff, Hue, LIFX, I don’t need to list them all. I was specifically asking if someone had experience with the BlitzWolf system on HA.

Already own Xiaomi sensors and switches which are Zigbee based, I have some WiFi-based Sonoff switches.

I’m looking to expand my PIR/Motion and Door/Windows sensors.

The Xiaomi I have are not bad, but I had to modify the hardware and do a software work-around in order to get 5s motions events and as I mentioned they start adding up price-wise.

Sonoff has 433MHz-based PIR and Door/Windows sensors, which are bulkier, use AA/AAA batteries and don’t send unique codes for open/closed states.

433MHz is widely used by security systems, so using it for security and automation should not be a problem.

BlitzWolf is cost-effective (especially when on sale) and they have unique codes for open/closed states. They are fairly new on the market, but it doesn’t mean they are bad, which is why I’m probing the community for reviews based on personal experience.

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The sensors should be compatible with RCSwitch library used by OpenMQTTGateway, ESPHome, ESPurna, Tasmota… on an ESP board.
But difficult to say for the alarm panel without a teardown, as a first thought I don’t think the integration of it will be an easy thing.

I didn’t had the opportunity to tests Blitzwolf sensors in term of battery life and reliability, for the moment the best 433mhz door sensors I know are the GS-WDS07 and the NEW DIGOO SENSOR.

For other 433mhz sensor types you can check this

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Yeah, ok, I could get all these sensors with a 433MHz to Wifi bridge with OMG.

Hoping that someone has done a teardown of the panel
Found this under Product Data
Not sure if this provides any hints as to how hackable it is.

APP Control:BlitzWolf/Tuya/Smart Life
Sub-device Connection:433Mhz EV1527

This is the regular protocol found into chinese 433mhz products.

It would be interesting to know the micro controller type used in the alarm panel.

If this can help.

It would be great, that it possible to integrate it (with tuya local or cloud protocol). Because if the HA server is crashed it able to work after without any problem.

If it is tuya based you can get alarm status on homeassistant with local tuya integration.

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Could this thing work with Tasmota?

The main controller is an ARM one. So don’t think tasmota is compatible.

depends how the TYWE3S is talking to the main MCU, try sniffing the RX and TX gpio’s from the TYWE3S and see if/how it replies when you use it though the APP normally.

You can manage it with the Smart Life phone app, but it is not seen within the Tuya integration in Home Assistant, or I don’t know how to make it visible.

I just find a way to make it work with Home Assistant.

Create a scene in the Smart Life phone app.
The scene is visible in HA Tuya integration.

As an example, a scene can be “Arm” or “Disarm”.
Several parameters can be set : exit delay, alarm duration, alarm sound, …

It worked for sending commands to the BW-IS6. So from HA I can turn on or turn, off the alarm.
I could’nt fin a way to get notified in HA when BW-IS6 is changing state like raising an alarm.

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