BlitzWolf@ BW-RC1 Mini Smart Home Universal IR WIFI Infrared Remote Controller

Hi, does anyone tried to integrate this device into HA?

It is a fine and useful device, works perfect. It would be great if someone has advice how to control it via HA.

Hello Roberto, did you find any way to make it work with HA?

I think it can be flashed with Tasmota. I have 3 ir blasters flashed with tasmota, and they work great.

Not all are flashable, newee units are locked

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Yes, last one I bought, I couldn’t use tuya-convert, I had to solder wires and flash using a ftdi.

Any chance you have a tutorial for that?

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I don’t have this device, but might get one. If you are good with soldering, just solder to the ESP pins. Any tutorial of flashing should work. The author of the above tutorial powered the device with USB while flashing, which caused the issue. The settings for tasmota for device are here:

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I will try this, it doe srequire some more equipment i dont have…

No, not yet. One acceptable idea is to flash it with Tasmota. Maybe I will try this. I have to open the box to see how can i connect FTDI.

@francisp i’m using the BW-RC1 too, but dont know how i can controll these now in Homeassistant, thay are connected via tasmota, but i dont know how i can controll them now :frowning:

on iobroker i used something like these, and i have no send & received entitys in homeasssitant{"Vendor":"PANASONIC_AC","Model":1,"Mode":"Cool","Power":"On","Celsius":"On","Temp":24,"FanSpeed":"Low","SwingV":"Highest","SwingH":"RightMax","Quiet":"Off","Turbo":"On","Econo":"On","Light":"Off","Filter":"Off","Clean":"Off","Beep":"Off","Sleep":-1}

Did you check this custom component

or simply use automations like this :

  - data:
      payload: '{"Vendor":"PANASONIC_AC","Model":1,"Mode":"Cool","Power":"On","Celsius":"On","Temp":24,"FanSpeed":"Low","SwingV":"Highest","SwingH":"RightMax","Quiet":"Off","Turbo":"On","Econo":"On","Light":"Off","Filter":"Off","Clean":"Off","Beep":"Off","Sleep":-1}'
      topic: IR_bridge/cmnd/IRhvac
    service: mqtt.publish
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Yep i checked but have some problems with them :frowning:


Did you configure Tasmota via template or manually. If configured via template, try configure it manually. Also I’m not sure if these devices scheme can be changed among different generations. I mean if it is possible, that receiving and/or sernding IR can be on a different pin. These can be two of the reasons why it might not work with Tasmota and Tasmota IRHVAC.

@gh0s7 i answerd here already :slight_smile:

I haven’t got it linked to HA, but mine IS linked to Alexa and I’ve created ‘routines or buttons’ in the Blitzwolf app and then voice commands that link to them in Alexa. I have then created calls to Alexa from HA that mimic the voice commands to get the Blitzwolf routine going.
I just looked at the Blitzwolf app and I can’t figure out how I did it!!! But if anyone wants more detail I’ll look again.

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