BLITZWOLF BW-SHP13 Power consumption

Hi. I try to configure a smart zigbee plug with Deconz, raspbee I, I’m able to integrate the on off functionalities but not the power consumption. In Deconz I see the voltage the current and the power. I saw some precedent topic but I’m not able to integrate and solve. Any help?
Thank you

Hi nobody have a similar issue and was able to solve it?
Thank you!

I have the same problem. I have them connected to deconz, but I cant read any power consumption. They act just like a regular hue plug. Anyone know how?

For deCONZ you need to repair (“soft-pair” as I name it) the plug once or twice again (start pairing mode in Phoscon, switch on the plug, press the power button for at least 5 seconds until it flashes blue, done). Suddenly the other entities (current consumption and total consumption) will show up in HA (maybe another deCONZ integration reload is needed).