Blitzwolf SHP 15 smart plug minimal electric current in OFF

Hey together,
I want to control fairy light on a window by a blitzwolf smart plug. This works really great.
I am confused that in OFF state the lights are very faint glowing. There seems to be minimal electric current appears to flow. Can anybody explain how this happens and how it can be fixed?
Thanks for support

Obviously the fairies :fairy: do their work here :sparkles:

A more technical reason could be that the Live/Neutral Phase is switched and the little reverse current floating is enough for a faint glow :bulb:

Talking the load out :electric_plug: turning the plug 180° (:arrows_counterclockwise: or :arrows_clockwise: doesn’t matter) and plug it back it might get rid of the magic glow :mage:

On the other hand you probably don’t even get billed for that fairy glow… so you might got lucky here and found free energy :zap: