Block external servers in a IP camera (VLAN)

Hello, i would like to use my cameras only with come assistant, an block all the external servers, for privacy. I searched over the internet and they say a VLAN can do it, but I don’t know how to setup one or even if it’s compatible to use with Home Assistant.

For now I use WebRTC integration (HACS) with rtsp protocol, that only uses internal IPs like 192.168.xx.xx

Does somebody has an idea of how to block the cameras to that external servers, step by step? Some manual or tutorial?

Define - block external? That camera already sits on a non routable subnet so unless you are specifically reverse proxying it nobody is connected to it form the outside. Are you just looking for extra security protection beyond default configuration? Keep the baddies out even if they’re inside the gate?

Vlans (virtual Lans) are a function of your network gear and your capabilities are directly related to what you already have in place v. and your budget…

so what do you already have and what’s the use case?

I think he may mean to block external cloud providers from connecting to those cameras. Preventing them from ‘phoning home’.

If this what you mean, you can just block their IP addresses from outbound connections in whatever you use for your firewall. I wouldn’t say there is a ‘guide’ because as Nathan said, its related to what you have or what you want to use.

VLANs accomplish this as well but making them unable to connect out.