Block some integrations towards google home using nabu casa

Been searching the community posts but havent really found an answer.

I have about 100 hue lights and 40+ zwave and other devices (vacuums, fans, filters, lightsockets, fibaros) in my home assistant.
I also have google home screens used by wife and children. It also has been connected to hue.

As you know you get those devices twice in google and there is no way in google to remove some devices. Only possible to remove the nabu casa connection.

I thought I was smart. Removing all hue light integrations and more in homeassistant. Then adding nabu casa to google home and then using a backup in home assistant to get them all back into home assistant. This worked well with other systems Ive used lile animus home and smartthings. Google home clean (no mess and double lights and rooms) and alot of stuff i can work with in homeassistant.

But just noticed after awhile all devices are synced to google anyway without me actively syncing to nabu casa.

My way around this now is to place all double devices in another home in google and rename them. This works ok but it is annoying since they are still there.

Is there any community plugin or way when using nabu casa to block certain integrations syncing to google home?

I dont want to unlink hue from google home since homeassistan and hue hub arent always reliable.

If you go in home assistant to “configuration” then first option “Home Assistant Cloud” and scroll down to the “Google Assistant” box and click on “Manage Entities” you can simply choose what is and is not exposed to Goggle from Home Assistant.

Brilliant. Had not seen that. Many thanks.


I am new to HA and have had Hue lights in Google Home for a while. Is there a philosophy I should follow here, like should I unlink Hue from Google Home and just access the lights through the Nabu Casa integration, while still being able to change colours in the Hue app if needed? Or should I go the other way and instead not expose to GH the entities that are already set up there through the Hue integration?

I do the latter of the two.

It’s personal choice really, I like having hue hub do hue stuff and also like the fact that even if home assistant is down, restarting or more likely being messed around with by me that all the lights are still functional and voice command able.

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