Blocked at 2-way auth after moving into new home

Hello all,

As the title says. I’ve moved into a new home. For a while my rasp4 was offline/ not powered.

When I powered the device and plugged him into my modem through an Ethernet cable, i can access the login screen using: http://homeassistant.local:8123
There i simply entered my logins and got the windows asking for the 2-way auth. I entered the code give by my phone but HA says it is not the correct one. And now i’m blocked out of HA because i can’t login.

I can’t use the ip adress of the rasp4 for login because, it is a new ISP with a new modem. And the ISP modem only give access to simple parameters to configure. I can add a static ip for my rasp4, but i don’t know it’s MAC adress. Should have written it…

I’ve tried to read the ext4 partition using diskinternals as explained here but the soft says he can’t open the drive. But I can read the config.txt file through windows file explorer

So I’m lost now. I don’t want to remake a new fresh install even tho i didn’t add lots of automations/scripts. I still had a basic config because i knew i was going to move out and i didn’t had lots of connected devices yet.
But I think i can’t do otherwise than redo a fresh start.

I guess because the device was powedered off for a while, the internal clock is not correct anymore and this block the MAF. But since the device is connected through Ethernet, i guess it should immediately update its clock right?

If anyone as something I can try before remaking a new install I would be mighty happy.

Thanks in advance

Edit: I made a fresh install. Couldn’t find a solution. This topic can be closed but i don’t see were i can close it :sweat_smile: