Blockly elements rules

Is any chance to implement in Homa Assistant feature to build rules from blockly elements as in other home automation systems like: Domoticz, Pulse Station, Fibaro and other…

This is very good solution…

You mean a bit like node red?

A little like., but as show on screen

I think the key difference between something like this and NodeRed is that these systems tend to understand the potential variables and elements that can be included or used in conditions, rather than NR which you still often need to give values in a JSON payload.

And is any chance to implement blockly function conditions… ?

No clue. But I added my vote for this.

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Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, I found this but it is dead, and the contributor who took over the project didn’t commit anything new either.

Anyways, I’m looking for alternatives to Node-Red and writing configuration files. Blockly is backed by Google and is more or less the other standard for visual automation building, next to Node Red. I understand it works by generating code or pseudocode, so implementing it is probably more complex than plugging in Node Red which can do much more, out of the box. But I would presume more developers also would like to take a break from VSCode/BBedit/TextMate/vim/emacs and flex the good ol´ Logitech USB-Mouse-muscles with some groovy gui-pixels now and then, no?
Anyone seen any promising ventures into visual automation building solutions?

It seems to duplicate this request, but I fully support it (both!).

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I fully support this Feature request.
I am pretty new to HomeAssistant, it’s a very nice software.

Actually I use NodeRed for my Smarthome, but I am playing with HASS, because the integration of typical Smarthome components is much much better - and of course the Dashboard looks nice.

The only thing which prevent me to change to HASS is the automation system.
It’s complicated, the GUI has not the whole feature set of automation (?) or I am to stupid for that :wink:

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This seems to be a popular request, but I’ve seen several other duplicates. I think we need to pick which request we’re going to vote on so they add up properly. So far, there are other requests I know of. Please post others if you find them as we can work to make this request as visible as possible. I think adding Blockly is potentially the single greatest feature added to HA aside from HA itself.

A search for Blocky turns up a LOT of results:"blockly"