Add Google Blocky to Home Assistant

I just getting to know HA and came across this announcement from Google. Its a programming environment like MIT Scratch. It’s called Google Blocky and it generates Pytrhon code as well as others. It woul be great to add to HA

I also think that this would be the nicer integration for the automation UI as long as it could create the same yaml output. I often have ideas on what I could automate, but do not always have my notebook with me. I would love to have an easy way to create the automations on my phone or tablet.

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+1 - that’s the only thing from Domoticz (except from Charts) that I miss in HASS

So easy to do automation, when you actually see it.

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This would lower the entry level substantially for diginoobs!!

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+1 would love to have blockly. It would make automation a lot easier (at least for me).


+1 would be supergreat!


This has also been requested in Blocky style flow-based visual editor UI for automations & scripts using graphical blocks included by default

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Having blocking support would really be awesome.

I don’t like the native automation editor, it’s hard to keep good overview of all your logic.

Since one year I’m using Node Red, overview is great, but I’m still not any fan of it and I think this will never happen. Programming with messages is not intuitive.

Nobody interested in implementing this feature?

At the moment there is so much discussion regarding UX, this would be a good point to improve. Logic functionality is a core element of home automation. Openhab, domotics, iobroker, etc. are supporting blocky.


Blockly looks a ferry nice feature !

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Please add blockly, it will be very useful