Blue Iris UI3 Integraton

I’m trying to get my cameras from Blue Iris to show in Lovelace using the UI3 interface. I found this article which I’m trying to use for configuring this: Home Assistant - Better Blue Iris Integration using Lovelace iframes

Using the UI3 URL, I can bring my cameras up in Chrome without an issue. I only want this to be accessed from the LAN so it’s working with http. When I try to configure the webpage card and put the same URL in, the video doesn’t show up. No errors, just an empty card.

Perhaps the article I’m referencing is old. Does anyone know how I can configure this? I was interested in using the UI3 interface due to the bandwidth limitations.


Can you post examples of your code? Which card exactly are you using?

Any luck with this?

I am also trying to do this. Any further update on getting this working?

Im working on this too. If anyone else has a solution for Iframes

This topic kept showing up while I was googling help to try to set up Blue Iris UI3 in home assistant using an iframe. Wanted to share a quick note that will hopefully be useful to future troubleshooters.

An important and critical step that the blog post omits is to check the ‘Allow <iframe> tags’ option in Blue Iris Web Server settings. Otherwise, when trying to view the iframe card in Lovelace in any web browser, the web browser will give you an error similar to Refused to display 'url' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'

Attached screenshot shows the server settings I used to get it iframes working locally.

Then in lovelace you’d create an empty card and drop in the yaml:

type: iframe
aspect_ratio: '16:9'

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If I use this I see a broken card showing the loading mechanism of BI in broken CSS, but nothing loads? Does this still work with current Lovelace?

Not sure if I’m understanding the main question but I’m grabbing live video from my BI server and displaying them on my Lovelace dashboard on my 3 wall mounted iPads. Here is one of the camera settings.!

The Web Server Advanced setting were what I missed but this wasn’t in the Home Assistant - Better Blue Iris Integration using Lovelace iframes page

Thanks docano as I see this saves a lot of network as mine was up around 11500kbps.

For those who are wondering what this is about, make sure you go to the link I have above which is the same in the first post.