Blueiris camera's in HASS

@jaburges apologies for the unrelated question, but I noticed your post here and wanted to know if you managed to get zm working with the Ring.
thank you

i moved off zoneminder - the install process and documentation wasn’t great - and ran into too many issues. Switched to Blue Iris and its great.

total honesty, didn’t have the patience to keep bug bashing zoneminder.

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thank you. and does blueiris pick up the Ring?
and can you install it in Linux? Basically I run a NuC with Ubuntu, so I’d like to put it in the same place.

Ring is a closed ecosystem, Blue Iris won’t work with it and Blue Iris is Windows only based.

@motoolfan thank you

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything in this thread, however I just got my Lenovo Google Smart Display and wanted it to be able to do “OK Google, show me the baby room” and have the baby camera display on the screen.

I’m pleased to say I’ve gotten it working, including every other camera hooked upto BlueIris. You can even send the signal to any Chromecast device!!! It’s late at night right now, but if you’re interest to know how to do this let me know and I’ll do a write up.


i will love if you can show how you did it



Yes, definitely interested! I’ve tried feeding my BlueIris streams to chromecast in the past, but after multiple attempts I gave up. Very curious how you got that part working!

I don’t have a Smart Display (yet), but this would be a compelling reason to get one.

That would be great. Thanks for sharing !

Ok guys, I’ll do a writeup of the code and the settings i used in Blue Iris in a new thread. I’m even going to create 2 drop down boxes in HASS, one to select the camera and one for the target chromecast device. With that you can pick the values for which camera to cast to which device!!!

Link is here


That would be great feature to know. Please share when you have time to do the doc

The link is directly above your message :wink:

I am trying to include iframe for my BlueIrs. when I say my BlueIris what I mean is the URL similar to this which I could use from any PC in my home network to view Blue Iris (9 cameras set up).

For some reason iframe come with a blank page. I have few Ifames in HA working (router, Access Point and Node Red). I never got to get my Synology NAS to iframe as Synology system does not allow.

My Config

title: ‘Node-RED Flows’
url: ‘http://hassio.local:1880
icon: mdi:nodejs
title: ‘Huwai Router’
icon: ‘mdi:router-wireless’
url: ‘
title: ‘TP_Link AP’
icon: ‘mdi:router-wireless’
url: ‘

title: ‘Blue Iris’
icon: ‘mdi:cctv’

I also tried URL:

still same result
Anyone could help

I’ve just started playing with this. For some reason, Blue Iris is super slow at triggering these alerts… are there any options I should be looking for to speed this up?

Hi All,
first time here so please be patient with me… :grinning:

I am trying to get motion from Blue Iris , I believe I have this set up correctly as I do get the binary sensor in HA . I have followed JesseWebDotCom example but cut it down to suit one camera . In HA I do see the binary senor change state “off” to “on” and the group motion state change from"Off" to “unknown” ? Group motion won’t change to “On” or change back to “Off” Any ideas ? Checked syntax is ok .

In Group

name: Motion Outdoor (Camera)
view: no
icon: mdi:camcorder
- sensor.motion_camera_front_cam

In configuration

  • platform: template
    friendly_name: ‘Front Cam’
    value_template: >-
    {% if states. binary_sensor.blue_iris_cam1.state %}
    {% if is_state(’ binary_sensor.blue_iris_cam1’, ‘on’) %}
    {% elif is_state(’ binary_sensor.blue_iris_cam1’, ‘off’) %}
    {% else %}
    {{ states(’ binary_sensor.blue_iris_cam1’) }}
    {% endif %}
    {% else %}
    {% endif %}

    • platform: template
      friendly_name: Motion
      unit_of_measurement: ‘On’
      value_template: >
      {% set total = 0 %}
      {% if is_state(’ binary_sensor.blue_iris_cam1’, ‘on’) %}
      {% set total = total + 1 %}
      {% endif %}

Thanks in advance

Hi All,
found problem , was syntax error .

Thanks anyway.

Does this method still work. I did this when TEST I get a response and not error. However no detentions recorded in HA entity register

I followed @ [JesseWebDotCom] is method in HA and I am only seeing “off” state only

would you mind sharing the correct syntax. I am having issues where I seeing “off” in the UI.

How did you set up the Blue Iris. I followed method as per @ Sebastien_Couture in this thread. I do not get error doing TEST in Blue Iris but HA is not detecting anything



  • platform: mjpeg
    mjpeg_url: http://cam_ip:81/mjpg/Cam1
    name: Side
    username: admin
    password: !secret cam_pw
    authentication: basic

name: CCTV1
view: yes
- camera.back
- camera.kennel

Thats it…

Would you mid sharing HA configuration side.
Do I need to define the camera in configuration.yaml and the then a sensor for motion detection? If so would you mind sharing code you have?