BlueIris MQTT Deep Stack Motion to home assistant


I have had this working before I installed deep stack but can’t seem to get it going again.

I have Blue Iris set up and am trying to do motion alerts through MQTT to home assistant.

Back Ground
Installed HACS and Blue Iris Integration through hacs
Installed Integration
Have Mosquitto broker installed


My goal is only trigger alerts on person detection then send mqtt to home assistant for notification and automation use.

Couple of things… I tested the connection and see it connect in the MQTT logs, I can also view my camera feeds in home assistant. Just can’t get motions to trigger.

Additionally, I can see the alerts in blue iris with the symbol of the person.

Can you use an MQTT snooper and see the MQTT messages coming from Blue Iris to your MQTT broker?

What have you done in HA to check for the MQTT messages in order to “see” them?