Blueprint based integrations?

There are many integratios (like forecast providers as AccuWeather) that only harvests data, and if you want to add a new one to Home Assistant you can do two things:

  • Use Python to develop a new integration
  • Add multiple RESTful sensors to your configuration

So, why not allow users to create new integrations based on a YAML schema like Blueprints?.

Take this example: the AEMET in Spain provides a weather API (yes, there is an integration for that) but instead of creating a Python integration, using a YAML schema to define the integration (name, description, icon, variables, RESTful sensor collection) must be way easier and can allow many developers (like) with small knowledge of Python to collaborate with Home Assistant.

A well defined schema to create virtual integrations that are only a collection of RESTful sensors grouped under a name and some variables can be a good adition to the ecosystem…

Makes sense. Many integrations are just a thin wrapper around a REST api.

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