Blueprint for motion lights with day/night mode, illuminance and dimmabel timer


I really like this blueprint here for automate my lights when motion is detected. But unfortunate the “daytime” and “nightime” does not work here:(. Means my “start night time” is 6pm and my “end night time” is 7am in the morning. I created both entities with the HA helpers which is fine I think. But my Automation always take the daytime never the nightime, it just ignores . Any Idea what that might cause?

Second thing I cannot adjust the brightness (e.g. at nighttime 40% and at daytime 70% of the max illumination of my bulbs. Can I adjust that somewhere in the settings too? Cannot find anything in the blueprint UI settings.


If you are having a problem with a specific Blueprint, the first point of contact is in the Exchange (or GitHub) post that you found the Blueprint in originally.

There are people there using the equipment and the blueprint and will be able to give you more accurate information regarding your problem.