Blueprint for Tado autoassist

Would be nice to have a complete blueprint for Tado autoassist. I am planning to pay for HA cloud and cancel my tado sub plan.
I can donate a beer or a coffe:)

Then make one…

Thank you. Helpful comment:) :robot:

it was meant exactly the way I said it.

instead of replying here I’ll point you to another post I made recently that explains that comment.

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Bruh… I see, you are a big guy here.
Sorry for bother you with this topic:)
I dont wait for a hero how gonna to write me a complete blueprint for my nice brown eyes… I already written I can pay for it. I dont have too many time and enough knowledge to do it myself. But thanks for your time anyway.

I don’t pay a subscription for tado.
If I did I can see why I’d be interested in building an automation. Shouldn’t be too tricky though, but one that reaches the safe effectiveness as tados service would be impressive

Not much… but I could donate the next full year Auto assist price for it.

Hello Noorbertt,
I’m currently working on a blueprint that will automatically disable the heating when a window is open. It’s my first attempt, and I plan to release it as open source. If you’re interested in testing it early, please feel free to reach out, and I can provide you with the files.

I’m perplex to why you linked the Tado integration in this thread ?

Basically because I wanted to, and also why not?

This question popped up. I had no idea what ‘Tado’ even was. Since I had the integration opened I just linked in in. I thought you may need it installed to run your BP as well, don’t know, didn’t really matter.
When this thread started 3 years ago, that integration didn’t exist, I bet…
More info for someone searching the topic.

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Its really simple to create an automation to mimic the tado autoassist for open window or heating off when away.

For the home/away automation:

First you need a way to determine if someone is home. The simplest way to do this is to use the companion app then use the following trigger to work out if anyone is home or not:

platform: numeric_state
entity_id: zone.home
attribute: persons
above: 0

The example above is when there is at least 1 person home, but you can also say below: 1 for when everyone is away.

Next you need to work out how to set tado to home or away mode. This very easy. In your actions section just do this:

service: climate.set_preset_mode
  preset_mode: away (or home if someone is home).
    - climate.main_house
    - climate.bedroom

You don’t need to list every entity in your tado install if only one or two of them actually call for heat. In the example above, the office climate entity is a TRV that doesn’t actually cause the boiler to fire, so doesn’t really need to be there, but I added it for completeness so everything looks ‘away’.

And thats it for home/away… super simple.

For open window detection, just trigger on the following entity:

platform: state
  - binary_sensor.bedroom_open_window
from: "off"
to: "on"
  hours: 0
  minutes: 0
  seconds: 30

Then use the set hvac mode above,but set it to ‘off’ rather than home or away.
I then run a timer for 10 minutes, then turn the heating back on, but you could do whatever you want.

The first version of the blueprint is out.