Blueprint - List Selector


I want to create a hue/saturation selector that returns a list, similar to the light.turn_on service, but I can’t find any option in the list of available selectors that would work.

I tried template, and multiline text but it’s not working.
Does such an option exist or it’s not yet supported?


Why don’t you return a color name? Put it in a select selector.
The list of available is here:

If that is not what you want to do, how did you format the list in the selector?
Did you try [200.0,100.0] ?

Also if it helps you any I am working on this, Not sure if it helps, but it’s available.

Open your Home Assistant instance and open a repository inside the Home Assistant Community Store.

It looks like I had another issue with my script so that’s why it was not working.

For anyone else looking for a solution, template selector worked with [200, 100].