Blueprint selector wildcard

Love the Blueprints, especially the possibility to easlily share them.

But I have discovered a problem that I might not understand how to work around, or there is as of now no good solution.

I’m trying to rewrite one Blueprint for the IKEA trådfri on/off switch to work with the zigbee2mqtt-integration. (or if I understand correct, by skipping integration it will work with all zigbee-integrations?)

The problem is how to filter out correct device, since it seems like it is dicovered slightly different.

Here is the original Blueprint:

          integration: zha
          manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
          model: TRADFRI on/off switch

But to make it work for me I had to change manufacturer and model to:

          manufacturer: IKEA
          model: TRADFRI ON/OFF switch (E1743)

To get one of the points with the Blueprints, the possibility to filter out devices, it should be better in filtering out what apparently is different versions in naming of here both manufacturer and model.

So is it possible to use wildcard in yaml? My google-fu seems to have lost it’s mojo…


It’s a selector so you don’t need to be so specific

          domain: switch

I know, I’ts two parts: Some blueprints are specific, and that could be a problem if you have a different naming and not knowing that could be a reason for your device not showing up.

The other is the more specipic, the better it will filter out, making it easier to pick the correct type of device.