Blueprint that periodically checks if power is being exported then calls a script

I’m particularly interested in being able to program off a data stream coming from my solaredge cloud integration that tells me when I am exporting power. At the moment the data feed looks like it’s coming 5 minutely (which is adequate for logic programming at the moment) Obviously once i find a suitable blueprint i’ll get a more timely data feed. The entity I am seeing is called “Grid Power” and it becomes a negative integer whenever I am exporting power

For example the logic would be:

If “Grid Power” <0 ( ie negative - that is, power is being returned to the grid) then “do xyz” (run a script that switches on power hungry devices like pool pump, waterfall, cooling in summer etc)

Repeat above (check say 5 minutely) until energy delivered >0 ( ie positive - power is being consumed from the grid) then “do abc” (run a script the switches off power hungry devices)

Has anyone written a blueprint like this?..



This any good ?

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