Blueprint with specific times or sun states as inputs

I want a blueprint that does some actions at 2 specific times (example, turn something on and off). BUT, I would also want to be able to say/select “At Sunrise” or “At Sunset”, instead of inputting any of those specific times, if needed.

Is that possible?

Basically 2 inputs, mix and match between specific time, at sunrise, at sunset.
Then select to do some action for each of those 2 times

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If you want to allow the user to select something, you can use selectors in the blueprint. Currently, there’s no selector that behaves like an input_select (to offer the choice between Sunrise and Sunset).

I suppose you could use a Boolean selector, where ‘off’ means ‘At Sunrise’ and ‘on’ is ‘At Sunset’ but it wouldn’t be intuitive.

Yes, I want the user to be able to either input a time, or select Sunset/Sunrise.
I think this kind of blueprint would simplify a lot of automations for many people, since it covers a lot of cases. I have a lot of automations like, starting at sunset and ending at 00:00. or starting at sunrise until 12:00, or between certain times, or between sunrise and sunset, etc

You can specify a time using the Time selector but, as mentioned, there’s currently nothing available to pick options from a list.

The use-case you described is easily handled by the Automation Editor.

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I have the same idea for my private (future) collection of templates, but will set up one blueprint for morning and another for evening.
The maturity level of blueprints and myself are not aligned yet for the added cmplexity of creating an one-in-all…

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This feature request gets my vote also.

This is the answer. This is too simple to create a blueprint for.
you can easily create an automation with the selected times and sunset/sunrise as triggers.

The problem with blueprints is that they do basically 1 thing. I agree that more complication would be nice, like using the UI automation aditor’s condition selector with blueprints. that would add a lot more flexiblity.