Blueprint Won't Create Automation

When I create an automation from a blueprint (pressing save), sometimes an automation isn’t added to the web UI. It is, however, added to the automations.yaml file. Any idea why that would be the case?

I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Unfortunately, no. I ended up using a different blueprint to solve the immediate issue and haven’t been tinkering with blueprints much until the past few days. They all have worked, but I wish I knew what caused the original problem. I have also upgraded home assistant from 2021.05 to 2021.07 in the meantime. Maybe that’s “fixed” it or maybe I’m just not encountering the original issue. Wish I could offer more help.

I just found your post, and I am having the same issue… Automation I created shows up in the automations.yaml file, but not the UI. I am running the latest version of HA 2021.11.5…

Check the log for errors. Blueprints aren’t guaranteed to work, especially if they aren’t made correctly.