Blueprints and boolean switch

Can someone explain me how the boolean selector should work? I understand it so I can add the possibility to make actions/conditions maybe possible to be chosen to be on or off. Or am I wrong? How can I use boolean.

Another question is, can I make conditions or condition options boolean?

I’m interested in this too, would like too see some examples

Hi there,

The boolean is true or false and you can use this in your blueprint whereever usefull.

    name: Turn on offset for non working days (Optional)
    description: Turn on offset for non working days in your country
    default: false
  boolean_offset: !input boolean_offset
  - condition: template
    value_template: "{{ boolean_offset }}"

With this configuration the automation will run if the selector is “on” = true and not run if “off” = false

Not a really usefull case, but it shows how it works.
Also i did not try to use the boolean without a variable, maybe it is usable as condition without this.

I tried this method I do not think this still works sadly

Is it possible to change the boolean (created in a blueprint) as an action?

For instance, I could define a helper boolean in my blueprint, for example ‘boolean_error’, and check that boolean as part of a condition an my actual automation.

Long story short, I’d like a way to automatically configure helpers so that if I reuse a blueprint 10 times, I don’t have to create 10 helpers.

Was this every addressed?