Bluesound Discovery

I have fairly solid python skills and I’d like to fix the bluesound discovery; it looks like it was broken when the old old discovery was removed here: Remove legacy discovery integration by frenck · Pull Request #96856 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Can someone point me to docs or notes on how to re-implement bluesound discovery in the latest style? (I have 5 bluesound players and it’d be great for the discovery to work again).

Well, I figured out that is was using mdns discovery:

And it looks like that is not terribly difficult to translate: Integration Manifest | Home Assistant Developer Docs

It looks like bluesound needs to be migrated to a config flow; I’ve found a few getting started tutorials but haven’t found a useful migration guide.

I’m making progress by referencing against other code, but it’s slow going: Comparing home-assistant:master...trainman419:bluesound_mdns · home-assistant/core · GitHub

If anyone can point me towards a migration guide, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!