Bluesound integration

I have a multiroom Bluesound system and I’d love to see support for it on HASS. It’s pretty easy to control over the network and I’ve even found a list of commands that you can use in a web browser to control it.

Simple commands:

My PR of this component has just been approved and it will be included in the next version of HA :slight_smile:

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Super! I can’t wait to try it!

I have a multi audio system with NAD multi room players and amplifiers using Bluesound. I used the bluesound integration but HAAS sees the multiroom player as only 1 player (NAD CI 580) I guess since it has only 1 IP address. Bluesound and NAD has drivers for commercial controls systems (Creston, Control4, Elan, etc.) and Roon has found a solution but I couldn’t find any info on it on Haas. Did anybody experience this issue, are there any suggesstins to make it work?

Do you plan to support also the Bluesound players ? it would be fantastic with ability to browse through radios of Bluesound from ha :slight_smile:

If you set presets in the Bluesound app for your radio stations, they appear as sources in the HA media player.

Yep but unhappy it’s not way I’d like to use it ! I’d like to be able in HA to browse radio stations offered by the Bluesound :wink: (list of radios in HA is sorry to say unusable in its current state !)

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask. Would it be possible to have a mps playing or any other file when an trigger is activated? So stop playing and play the message and resume where stopped. I see that others have created something with their smart speakers. Would be nice to find out what other have working withe their Bluesound speakers.

Hi Willem @mr_home-assitant,

mps typo for mp3?

For one sound only you might want to explore The Option of chime (but not all BluOS will have this option and the sound can likely not be changed):

    url: ""

It look like you can also play e.g. a mp3 file


You need to explore yourself how to run a shorter file from local and afterwards return and continue.

Hope this is helpful.