Bluetooth "Allowlist"?

I’m curious if there’s any way to “allowlist” the Bluetooth adapter to specific devices.

The problem I’m trying to solve: I use the Yale BLE integration, and have been working to get that working solidly. I installed the Sena long range adapter, using an extension cable, and it worked super well for the first few days, and now seems to barely work at all (there’s a long delay after I send commands). I tried to use bluetoothctl to see if I could get a better idea as to what’s going on. It looks like there’s a significant number of devices that it’s scanning, so I wonder if it’s just overwhelmed. All I really need is for it to connect to the 3 locks that I have setup in Yale BLE, but ideally not active connections as that kills the battery pretty quickly.

A few notes as well: one of the locks is just a few feet away from the adapter, and it’s also having issues connecting, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a range issue. And again, it’s really weird that it started off so well.

I also have the Olimex POE ESP32 proxy, and I initially started with it, but found that it would work for less than a day before becoming unresponsive (as in I could connect to it via ESPHome dash board, but it would stop showing any BT logs/traffic).