Bluetooth and WI-FI card

I have Home Assistant installed on a computer that are running Debian 11.
I am looking on to use it to more than just Home Assistant. And it only have a 100 mbit/s LAN.
So i want to upgrade it to 1gbit/s LAN. The computer have USB 3.0 ports.
I have 2 options. Use a USB 3 ethernet adapter or use a Mini PCIe to Gigabit ethernet (RTL8111H) card.
The computer have a WI-FI/Bluetooth card in the Mini PCIe port.
But i have not found any use for Bluetooth or WI-FI in Home Assistant.
I have the HUE Bridge with Home Assistant.
I have some TP-Link smart plugs that using WI-FI. Then i using HUE Lights and 2 IKEA trådfri GU10 lights. But nothing that uses Bluetooth. The Smart plugs are connected to my WI-FI access point.

The case have low profile bracket slots.

HP Slimline 450-a107nom
CPU: AMD A6-6310 @1800 MHz (Boost upp till 2400MHz)
RAM: 8gb DDR3 1600 MHz Singel channel
Graphic chip: AMD Radeon R4
SSD: 120gb
LAN: 100 mbit/s

Not the point, but I wonder why you need 1Gb/s ethernet, here?
I mean, the only use case I see is if you’d want to use it as a NAS of sorts, which is obviously not the case.