Bluetooth and Zigbee interference?

Hey guys - not specific to HA, but trying to debug a problem I am having. I have some airpod pros connected to my mac and I randomly get complaints of choppiness. Could be they suck… but I wanted to know if anyone has experienced any issues w/ Zigbee causing interference w/ bluetooth. I am pretty confident wifi isnt the issue as I have the same issues w/ my APs shutdown.


My regular AirPods work relatively well with my HA machine relatively close which has a zigbee and z-wave stick installed.
Lately I’ve had issues initially connecting to my MacBook but that’s a separate issue.
Once connected I don’t notice any “poor” or crackly connections.
Zigbee is on the same spectrum as bluetooth so it’s possibly but 2.4GHz is so big it’s unlikely the sole cause of any interference.
I’ve also been deploying lots of bluetooth tags lately and still don’t have any quality issues once connected.

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Usually it’s the other way around as bluetooth is absolutely horrible when it comes to band saturation. Typically, bluetooth devices send packets out 1600 timer per second across 79 different channels. So, you’ll typically get more interference on your Zigbee and WiFi devices than you would your bluetooth devices (BLE is even worse, BTW).

I guess that if you are really close to your Zigbee coordinator, then yeah, your headphones could be experiencing interference from it. More likely though, I’d say that it’s the connection between your mac and the air pods. I have a 2017 MBP and when I have my air pods pro connected to it, I often get dropouts. Pissed me off enough that I switched back to my wired headphones for meetings. LOL

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I had to ditch that idea as my BLE beacon routers that I was using (rPi Zero Ws) were over-saturating my network. :frowning:

Ah jeez I’ll keep that in mind. It’s just tags so far. Kids keep loosing their devices.

Tags are fine. It’s when you are trying to do something like room assistant. I had 4 rPis distributed around the house to do room detection and within an hour of setting them up, my 2.4ghz APs were swallowed up in the BLE noise.

Wow good to know. I’ve thought about it, but I’ll let it become more viable.

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alright well - I found the issue… Was completely unrelated to HA>… in fact wasnt even a frequency issue… It was stupid MS Teams… Essentially, if after a few mute/unmute activities on MacOS it tries to “adapt the sound” by throttling the mic volume in wild up and down patterns. Sigh… this problem was driving me crazy.

Thank you everyone for your input and for putting up with my craziness :wink:


Wow I’ve never noticed that feature.
I actually just lost my AirPods in their case.
Apparently they stop updating location in Find My after the case is closed and can’t play a sound.
If they were out of their case they would do both those things, obviously they’d die a lot faster.
They need to build that ultra wideband into the next cases.
If I find them or my next pair I’m strapping a BT tracker to the case.
Be warned.

Good warning! Yea, I am hoping that UWB is in the next units. I am always worried about losing mine.

I’ve actually had this same exact issue and it’s not only with MS Teams. It also happens with any facetime or VOIP related calls that use data. I’ve tried troubleshooting the issue and I also thought for a while it was my bluetooth proxies etc. I have yet to find a fix.

Whenever my BT Headset starts messing up with my Windows PC it’s always a Windows update that broke it or fixes it. It’s like twice a year it breaks and gets fixed by updates…

Check that do not have any USB 3.0 devices/hubs/cables close as USB 3.0 are infamously known to cause interference for all 2.4GHz devices, especially for Zigbee but also for Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi adapters if located too close to USB 3.0 devices/hubs/cables). Read:

Someone even looks to have created a whole website dedicated to Bluetooth + USB 3 issues here:

Zigbee should not cause interference problems for Bluetooth, but sometimes the reverse can happen, though it is much more common that Wi-Fi devices will cause interference problems for both Bluetooth and Zigbee. See:


Also recommend reading and try following this guide which has other tips for Zigbee interference avoidance of which some could also be applicable to Bluetooth as well → Zigbee networks: how to guide for avoiding interference and optimize for getting better range + coverage