Bluetooth Appliance?

I have just moved from a Raspberry Pi 3 to a mini-PC, problem is the mini-PC doesn’t have bluetooth on-board :slightly_frowning_face:

I would rather void a Bluetooth dongle as the mini-PC is living in a rack, so surrounded by metal.

Is there a ready made device I can plug into a wall socket (that passes the wife test) I can use to pick-up the Bluetooth and relay it back to the Home Assistant host over WiFi or ZigBee?


There’s alot of different devices you can use this on.

Personally I use the m5stack echo lite plugged into old iphone chargers, a TV and my desktop PC. The wife approves. 5 of them covers my 3 story house.


I am selling the Theengs Plug for US/CA/MX users, it acts as a BLE to MQTT bridge over WiFi:

Or if you are not in the US the Theengs Bridge can be an option:

Same principle but with a USB C power supply.