Bluetooth audio poor range?

Hi all. I’ve got HA-OS running on a Pi5. Managed to get bluetooth connected to a Bose speaker but the range was terrible and it wasn’t possible to move the onboard antenna.
I had a read through the suggested chipsets and found nothing newer than Bluetooth 4 seems to be supported and even then, some need some extra setup. I’ve tried a cheap CSR based bluetooth dongle and it worked but the range was terrible, the quality and volume degraded (or even stopped completely) like analogue radio if you walked between the dongle and the speaker. It’s not near the wifi point in the house and I’ve tried separating it from zigbee and RFX antennae. A phone’s bluetooth to the speaker is bang-on so I don’t think it’s environmental.

I have managed to find a Feasycom BP119 with external antenna for sale but it’s £35. Question is, will it make any difference or am I just trying to do something that’s doomed to failure?

Many thanks,

Internal bluetooth on PI’s is terrible. It fights with all the interference. It is often always suggested to use a good external dongle and use a meter or more extension cable.
I think the mfgr’s intention is to use it for a keyboard mouse and thats about it.

Thanks. So you think a better dongle like the Feasycom is likely to be much better than the cheap no-name dongle with internal antenna? I’ve already got an extension through the wall with a 3-port usb hub on the end. That has my ZigBee antenna and RFXCom attached. I did try and extension from there to get separation and I did try and extension direct off the Pi in case I was demanding too much over one USB2 port.

Meant to say originally that I’m using the Spotify Connect add-on as the source and that the distance between dongle and Bluetooth speaker is 3m with a direct line of sight apart from the cupboard door being closed over the dongle (wood only and still didn’t work with it open).
I do also have a Bluetooth controlled string of LEDs upstairs that it would be nice to control but that’s definitely a would be nice rather than a must!