Bluetooth BLE-MIDI Controller | Ortho Remote into HA

So I have a teenage engineering Ortho remote which is a wireless volume knob and button controller designed to work with their speakers and also as a wireless controller for audio engineering applications. I’m more interested in subverting it into my own wireless HA “IO controller button & knob.”

I’m quite novice when it comes to noodling with this type of hacky HA stuff, but with the recent Bluetooth support in HA I was really intrigued on whether I could work this thing into home assistant.

Use case wise – I’d love to find a way to make this controller talk to HA for use in automations and as a universal “button & dial” to for instance control streaming speaker volume or interface in someway with a physical ESP dashboard. But that’s getting ahead of myself! I’m wondering where best to start to try and identify and integrate this device to spit out some sort of output into HA via BLE.

The device in question is an Ortho remote from Teenage Engineering. They claim the following, which seems to suggest the midi controller functionality is accessible in some way.

“the ortho remote can also be used as a wireless midi controller, to control logic, garage band or any other BLE-MIDI compatible software or devices.”

Googling around, I found one dude who seems to have engineered a way for get this device to interface (not Home Assistant related), but I need help in understanding how & whether this is relevant to getting this device into HA:

Not looking for too much hand-holding here as I realize this is a fairly nebulous request, but I’m hung up on where I should start and what I should be searching for. Curious whether someone can point me to the right place to try and get this device at least linked to & spitting out some sort of data into home assistant. Cheers!

Did you ever figure this out? Why won’t standard BLE integration work?