Bluetooth Car Detection

Hey guys, Bluetooth on both my car seem to be picked up by my RPi3 and I wanted to use this to do presence detection.
Only problem is after a few minutes, the bluetooth goes to sleep and even though the car is in the garage, it is not being picked up anymore. Until you start the car again and drive off, that is.

Could anyone think of how I could use this to implement presence detection for these cars?


I guess you don’t really want the Bluetooth in the car running all the time anyway - might be hard on the battery over time.

I have seen pretty cheap solutions in this forum where people put IR (distance) sensors on their garage ceiling to detect if the car is in there or not - so they are distinguishing if the garage door is open (i.e. short distance between the open door and the sensor), the garage door is closed and the car is in there (i.e. distance is longer than the open garage door but not all the way to the floor), or the door is closed and the car is not in there (i.e. longest of all three possible distances).

Couldn’t find it now using the forum’s search box, maybe searching the forum itself with Google search will come up with something).

Thanks for your reply.
Yeah, I have come across this and have ordered the parts required to build this into my garage. (was more interested about the garage door side of things in that case but it should detect presence for one of my car)
My second car is always parked outside (yet seems to be briefly picked up by bluetooth) so that’s why I was looking at bluetooth for presence detection.

Here’s another thought:
Get yourself a Bluetooth LE beacon and keep it in the car, maybe the RPi3 can pick it up even if the car is parked outside.

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Yeah, I guess I could do that but read that using LE Bluetooth presence detection was a big perf drag and not sure my RPi can take it…
At the end of the day, not absolutely bothered about it but I was just wondering if someone had done something similar or could think of a way to do this.