Bluetooth control for Android TV

If we could control Android TV with Bluetooth we could in theory turn them on when they are in shutdown state(not connected state). This would solve a major issue with TVs with no Power level control.


this would require support by the tv manufacturer - It’s not really up to HA. You can’t write automation software around something a device simply doesnt do.

No, so most Android TVs have a Bluetooth remote that can turn it on (not connected state), So I am looking at emulating that through HA to turn on the TV.

I have three android TV compatible sets in my home. Not one uses a Bluetooth remote.

That said, I get what you’re looking for… If you want to ‘emulate’ the function of a remote. Look at HACS in the front end section, there’s a number of remote cards for various situations. There’s one that emulates an LG, one for an Amazon Fire, etc., and a few generic ones you can style yourself.

Does your TV have a Bluetooth remote app for Android?

You could try using actionable-notifications and intents to open the app and send the command.

Otherwise it sounds like you need to use something like nRF connect to collect the commands from an existing remote and then try and setup a custom ble component on an esphome device.

I suppose you could just hook up an esp8266 to the power switch on a BT remote too, and drive the button directly… If you had a cheap spare remote.

So as @HasQT mentioned, i have a BT remote for all 4 of my TVs, The biggest issue with my TV is the TV when powered off using the remote actually shuts down instead of sleep (No power option I can tweak). Hence there is no way to turn it back on except for the remote.
I would need to capture the BT commands that the remote sends out and these I want to use through HomeAssistant (My Pi4 is in range of all 4 TVs).
If this can be built into the Android TV integration, It should work for all Android TVs with BT out there.

It must have a unique(pairing) identity also.
Presumably the one remote doesn’t turn on all 4 tvs

So you would need two parts of the code. The actual command and the ID. Perhaps the ID can be found via AndroidTV commands…

Do the TVs respond to Wake on LAN?

Not during the Shutdown state.

My Sony Android TV is always available for Cast so I can wake it up with a simple Cast request.
This might be a Sony feature, since I also have an older Philips Android TV that does not do that.
I also use Sony Bravia TV - Home Assistant integration to control the power.

You might also look into the HDMI CEC standard if your TV supports it which bassically can wake up the TV with a request from an HDMI device like the Chromecast

So one of my TVs i was able to use WoL, but other Tvs are on WiFi and even tho I see a Wake on WiFi, it doesnt start them from shutdown state.

A lot of the Android TVs we get here in India (which are mostly Chinese made) use Bluetooth to power on and off. I have 2 of them and have never been able to fully get them integrated into my automations because of this one drawback. I, too, have been looking for a way to get this to work but haven’t been successful. Perhaps one day someone will be able to figure this out.

Have anyone found some solution?

Can HA instance be paired with TV via bluetooth?

This is a must feature, all new devices are having bluetooth remote controls

I have a MiBox. I am able to achieve partial automation by power cycling the box, which turns it on every time. (Even when it was switched off from physical remote). This works at least for the purpose of doing Google Cast. If needed further, I sometimes use the Android TV remote inside the Google Home app.