Bluetooth Data Loss Issue with Xiaomi LYWSD02 Thermometer After Switching from HA Core to HA OS Supervisor

Hello Home Assistant Community,

I’m encountering a peculiar issue with my Xiaomi LYWSD02 thermometer after transitioning from HA Core to HA OS Supervisor. Prior to the switch, the thermometer worked flawlessly, consistently sending data over Bluetooth to my Raspberry Pi 4. However, since the migration to HA OS Supervisor, I’ve been experiencing data loss from the thermometer.

Both the thermometer and Raspberry Pi 4 remain in the exact same physical locations as before, and I haven’t made any changes to their placements. If I bring the thermometer closer to the Raspberry Pi 4, data transmission resumes without any issues.

I’m currently using the Xiaomi BLE integration. Previously, when my setup was running on Raspberry Pi OS with HA Core, I had the thermometer connected via the Homebridge plugin, which, in turn, relayed the data to Home Assistant through MQTT without any problems.

Additionally, it seems like there may be differences in the Bluetooth advertising reception range settings within HA OS compared to my previous HA Core setup. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue or noticed variations in Bluetooth reception parameters between these two configurations? Your insights and guidance would be immensely valuable in helping me resolve this matter.