Bluetooth Device Won't Connect to Home Assistant/Pi

I’m trying to connect a Bluetooth audio device, which outputs music through a 3.5mm jack, to my Home Assistant setup, but it won’t connect. I’ve attempted using both an external Bluetooth dongle and the Raspberry Pi 4’s built-in Bluetooth. Despite standing just a few meters away from my Pi, the connection fails.

The device operates on Bluetooth 5, and I’ve read that compatibility issues might arise, but proximity to the receiver is supposed to mitigate this. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked for me.

The device I’m struggling to connect is the palovue liveflow.

I’ve looked for software updates without success, yet all my other devices connect to it effortlessly.

Edit: I’m using Switchbot devices via Bluetooth, and they are functioning without any issues.

Could this be because Switchbot has an integration and Palovue Liveflow doesn’t? Bluetooth is only the communications technology.

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