Bluetooth integration doesn't work

I have tested the 2 Long Range ones here: Bluetooth - Home Assistant and work good

Bought a ASUS BT500 today, seems to be recognized as hci0, but so far nothing is detected. Even not my 3 Xiaomi temp/humidity sensors. Don’t know what I am doing wrong.

If you run HA on an Rpi that has built-in Bluetooth, then I think that hci0 is the native one and did not find the Asus BT500.
I don’t have an external Bluetooth adapter yet, but I still have a choice in the hci0 settings
Tried restarting HA ?

Hmmm well if I remove the BT500, and try to install Bluetooth I get an error, that it can’t be started. I am using an Intel NUC NUC5CPYB btw. But as far as I know, I have disable BT in the BIOS. Have to check that…

EDIT, just checked, BT is disabled in BIOS, so it must be the BT500

Probably yes. I don’t have a NUC, so I can’t give much advice on how to fix the problem

I just had this same issue and a restart did not resolve. O/S bluetooth tools didn’t seem to work properly either. I did a power cycle and everything came up properly.

I also have the BT500 configured as hci0 and have the same results as you. I am running HA Docker on a PC as well.

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So is there still no possibility to use the raspberry pi 4 built in bluetooth with the bluetooth integration?

I can confirm TP-link does not work for me with rPi, keeps restarting. Works however fine on my Win PC.

Also perplexed as to my my Raspberry Pi Bluetooth isn’t working out of the box.

Wd love if each section of Home Assistant documentation came with a box of basics for newbs.
Something simple to stop all of us spending hours trying to get something to work that simply won’t.
Also - if the SOLUTION appeared at the top - wow.

Dies any ơn find a Solution for using Bluetooth ( bọth internal ớt usb dongle )?
In my Rasp 4, I see hci0 but can not scan/detect any device!

Best thanks

Same here, tried BT400, 500 and DG45 but nothing works.
Did you fix it? Using a mini PC Nipogi