Bluetooth LED downlight (Tuya)

Has anyone had success with Bluetooth lights in HA? I was given a light for free from a supplier to see if I could get it to work with HA so I could let him know since he is keen to get started with HA.

As far as I know it’s a rebranded Tuya light.

I have full home Bluetooth coverage via ESPhome Bluetooth proxies but nothing shows up automatically in HA when I turn the light on.

As I say, it was given to me for free so I’m not invested in it if it can’t work with HA, but I’m happy to help get it working if someone can point me in the direction to do tests… maybe Bluetooth lights can’t be integrated yet? Google didn’t help me, nor searching this forum.

I mistakenly bought one before, it was listed as wifi by the seller
Read some guide about sniffing bt protocol with wireshark but sounds complicated and I ended up just swapping the bt chip with esp

Someone gave me a (very) cheap Bluetooth rgbw strip that ended up working with this custom integration because it wasn’t one of the several HA can control by default.

Thanks! I’ll give a try and see if it connects. Not sure why I didn’t see that core integration either… :man_facepalming:

Unfortunately neither of these options have worked. oh well, good thing I didn’t pay for it!