Bluetooth on an Intel NUC with Hassio for Mi Flora


I’m hoping someone has some experience they can share in getting a Mi Flora plant sensor working on an Intel NUC / build. In particular, I’m having trouble running the hcitool to discover the sensor’s bluetooth MAC address.

The closest I have got is running hcitool inside the home assistant container:

nick@mars:~$ docker exec -ti homeassistant bash
bash-5.0# hcitool lescan
Could not open device: No such device
bash-5.0# hcitool dev

Neither my Debian host nor the HA supervisor seem to have hcitool or bluetoothctl present.

The Mi Flora description is somewhat unclear about my situation. The guide notes that:

Now I’m not too sure which one I am: mine is a build, but perhaps I fall into the “generic Docker installation” category. Because I used the build script, I have no idea whether --net=host has been configured. And I don’t know what “properly configured Bluetooth on the host” actually means.

I have successfully used bluetooth on my system before - at one stage I had the flicd add-on configured (which I have since disabled as I am no longer using flicd). As mentioned, my build is on an Intel NUC, upon which I have deployed Debian and built the docker image per the guide.

So I am hoping someone has experience either running a Mi Flora sensor on an Intel NUC based build and / or with configuring bluetooth / running hcitool on a NUC / build.

Many thanks in advance.

Same issues. does anyone have experience with NUC based build?

So I did figure this out - I was over-thinking it. The standard Debian build provides everything that Home Assistant needs to work with the Mi Flora sensor, but not enough to do the bluetooth scan. I found that bluez worked, but hcitool did not. Here’s what I did (from the Debian host, MAC addresses partially redacted):

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install bluez
$ sudo bluetoothctl
Agent registered
[bluetooth]# scan on
Discovery started
[CHG] Controller 04:xx:xx:xx:xx:3A Discovering: yes
[CHG] Controller 04:xx:xx:xx:xx:3A Class: 0x00000000
[CHG] Controller 04:xx:xx:xx:xx:3A Powered: no
[CHG] Controller 04:xx:xx:xx:xx:3A Discovering: no
[CHG] Controller 04:xx:xx:xx:xx:3A Class: 0x00000104
[CHG] Controller 04:xx:xx:xx:xx:3A Powered: yes
[bluetooth]# scan on
Discovery started
[CHG] Controller04:xx:xx:xx:xx:3ADiscovering: yes
[NEW] Device <redacted>
[NEW] Device <redacted>
[NEW] Device <redacted>
[NEW] Device <redacted>
[NEW] Device <redacted>
[NEW] Device <redacted>
[NEW] Device 80:xx:xx:xx:xx:D2 Flower care

Then configured Mi Flora with the discovered MAC address:

  - platform: miflora
    mac: '80:xx:xx:xx:xx:D2'
    name: big_green

      moisture: sensor.big_green_moisture
      battery: sensor.big_green_battery
      temperature: sensor.big_green_temperature
      conductivity: sensor.big_green_conductivity
      brightness: sensor.big_green_light_intensity

Hope that helps!

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Thanks! Seems to have resolved my issues. Before it would only update for short period after restarting HA but has been rock solid using bluez