Bluetooth only works sometime with Govee h6125 RGBIC LED-Strip


I am using HomeAssistant (Container) since some days and it works fine except the Bluetooth connection with the Govee h6125 RGBIC LED-Strip. I am using the ,Govee Bluetooth Light" Repository (GitHub - timniklas/hacs-govee-bluetooth-lights: Enables support for Govee Bluetooth lights in Home Assistant) to connect the strip with Home Assistant.
I also updated my bluetooth driver to the newest Bluez (5.66) version and tried an integrated Bluetooth Adapter of my mini-PC (DELL Optiplex 7060) and an USB-Bluetooth Adapter (officially supported by HomeAssistant).

Sometimes it works, sometimes not and I dont know why.
Maybe someone of you has a tip for me.

Thanks in advanced.

Thats the error message when it dont work:

My HomeAssistant client is very near to the led-strips, so the range shouldnt be the issue.