Bluetooth, Owntracks and Tasker at same time

Im using owntracks and Tasker to update my “device_tracker.username_mathias” via MQTT

I tried to add my “BT_macadress” to my “username_mathias:” in known_devices.yaml.
But then, as soon as im home my “device_tracker.username_mathias” will change and the location and battery data is removed.

I really want to use all 3 services to detect “home/away” status but i allso use the locationdata in a “camera” to show my location on a google map, so if im home and bluetooth detected, the map will show an error.

Is there a way to have bluetooth update only the “home/away” status, and dont remove the location data?

I resloved this by sending another MQTT topic with tasker to “device_tracker.matte_location” and then use this to my “google maps camera”.
But i would been great if the bluetooth component only updated its values, and did not erase the other values that exists.

I was seeing similar behavior with Owntracks and SNMP. I am still playing with it. Maybe I did something wrong.