Bluetooth presence tracker

Hello HA community.

I’ve seen a few people mention using bluetooth detection as a way to automate activities like arriving home (vs gps/connecting to wifi).

Given my HA server doesn’t have bluetooth and a bit away from the garage I’m curious what hardware options I have here that work with HA. I’m assuming I need to build or purchase some kind of bluetooth reciever that works with HA but unsure.

Anyone using presence detection with bluetooth. If so how are you doing this?

Using monitor on multiple Raspberry Pi Zero W’s.

Using room assistant on multiple Pi Zero Ws around the house. Working fine for 3+ years.

thanks for responding. How do either of these suggestions work when say the device has been powered off?

My thought is that I want some automation when my vehicle arrives or leaves. Like say when I arrive the garage door opens. When I turn off the vehicle the bt signal is lost. How do you handle that scenario so home assistant doesn’t think you’re away at that point?

I use Nut Minis attached to our keys, you could buy one of these and put it somewhere in your car. Just need to change battery around twice a year.