Bluetooth proxy devices go offline

I am getting started with ESPHome bluetooth proxy.

I purchased three M5 Stack Atom Lite devices, and I was able to get two of them working as bluetooth proxies using the web installer. Furthermore, they detected my Apple Tags. Neat!

So I unplugged them from my computer and plugged them into wall outlets where I expect to use them. Now ESPHome says they are “offline”. I tried reinstalling the bluetooth proxy software from the web installer and it came online again in ESPHome. Then it went offline again.

I wondered if it was faulty hardware, so I grabbed an generic ESP32 dev board and installed bluetooth proxy on it. It came alive in ESPHome, so I unplugged it from the computer and plugged it into a wall socket. This board actually has an LED for power, so I know it’s getting power, but it also says offline in ESPHome.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. I do have other ESPHome devices, so I’m not completely unfamiliar with it.

Bad wifi (2.4GHz) reception at the new location? Or are you running a mesh network?

I have the exact same problem with it going offline (M5 stack). I tried the following but still no luck

  • Remove and reinstall it
  • Reserve the IP adress in the router
  • Give it a static IP adress in ESP home

I am using a mesh network and it is my first ESP home device. Mine is close to one of the access points. So I do not expect mine is a wifi problem.

I’m facing the same issue, any luck with this problem?

Been troubleshooting similar issues. I live in a large apartment with a lot of other units. I’m running a mesh network, and have been noticing that the atom starts to get flakey when a lot of other units are jumping on my 2.4ghz channel. I’ve switched up my ranges a bit and made channel jumping a little more aggressive. It still disconnects every now and then, but it is a lot less, and controls my bluetooth devices more reliably. YMMV, but just something to look into.

I have a couple of Atom M5s… they nearly always show in espHome in HA as offline. Clicking on LOGS connects to them instantly wirelessly, bringing up the logs successfully, and I can watch them work.
They still show as offline though… :man_shrugging:

Same issue. The esp32-bluetooth-proxy goes offline. To get it online I have to reboot the ESP32 board after a while it goes offline again.WIFI signal is very high on the area. Waiting for comment how to solve it…

I had this same issue consistently until I reflashed the board with the esp-idf framework for esphome instead of the Arduino default. This is noted in the esphome ble proxy docs, but I had missed/ignored it.

Same issue. The proxies look 50% time offline in ESPhome but it seems they perform their work.

This is weird. I also reflashed with esp-idf but it always appears offline, but always works.

Could it be the signal strength?


Please ignore my last. After rebooting, using esp-idf the problem has gone.