Bluetooth Proxy installation stuck on "Preparing Installation"


I’m completely new to ESP32 boards and to the whole ESPHome Topic.

I’ve read about the ability to extend the Bluetooth range of HA with the ESP32 board so bought a board and tried to make it work but I failed.

I went to the website ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy and connected the board with my computer (Windows 11). Selected “Generic ESP32” on the website and clicked “Connect”. There were a few dialogs and after clicking Install a box with “Installing - Preparing installation” came up and is still showing (after at least 2 hours).

I don’t think it is still doing something. What could be a problem that caused this?


I just wanted to let you know that I’ve found the issue and could install the BLE Proxy on my ESP32.

The Problem was that Windows has not installed the right driver for the board. I’ve looked around and came across this Drivers here: After Installing those drivers I was able to install the Proxies.

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Just adding my .02. I had the same issue, downloading the drivers didn’t fix it. My fix was to hold down the boot button on the ESP32 board, then push the EN button once, then release the boot button. I did all this as the screen said “Preparing Installation”


Thanks Brad, this worked for me as well