Bluetooth proxy via ESPHome not working

I am running home assistant inside a VM, thus I am unable to directly connect a Bluetooth dongle via USB. Therefore, I wanted to utilize the Bluetooth proxy functionality of ESPHome to be able to control Bluetooth devices. I have tried to use the ESPHome Bluetooth proxy installer (ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy) and tried creating a config manually and have used to different ESP32 boards and they all showed up in home assistance, yet when I try to install the Bluetooth integration, I still get “No unconfigured Bluetooth adapters found”.

As I read it, this should work, right? Am I missing something?

Did you get any response relative to this issue, I’ve encountered the seem issue after upgrading to 2023.2.5 ? All BLE sensors are not responding.

Solution: The problem in my case was the the USB drivers became inactive. A server restart did the trick.

I’m running into the same issue trying to use this for the first time. 2023.3.2.

I’ve having the same problem.

Just added an EspHome Bluetooth proxy, using both the prebuilt project above and manually configuring via EspHome dashboard.

ESPHome integration device appearing in HA

HA Bluetooth integration says:
No unconfigured Bluetooth adapters found. There are 0 ignored adapters.

I use the ESPhome bluetooth proxies with a dongle / bluetooth integration and they pick up BLE devices just fine. What are you trying to accomplish here, what sensors or devices are you trying to connect?