Bluetooth receivers

Hello, is it possible to send audio stream to multiple receivers using a Bluetooth adapter connected to the HA server/esp32 bridge or something similar? such a solution would be cheaper than the RPI for each speaker because I have a lot of them

Ha does not support Bluetooth speakers directly connected AFAIK.
You can set up ESP devices as media players, but their sound chip is often poor and unable to handle high bit rates.
If you want synced music, then you might fint an ESP version for SqeezeLite/LMS, but the performance might not be the best.

Just curious: whay does HA not support Bluetooth speakers?

I think it is because BT speakers requires a pairing and that means running a userspace program, which means running a local frontend.
Docker and virtual machines makes this process even more messy, so i do not think HA provid any pairing at all with bluetooth devices.

The pairing requirement of bluetooth speakers is also why multiple sound streams are hard to handle, because it means running several media players to provide the input sound stream for these.