Bluetooth tag tracker for pet using Google Home Mini

Can you suggest a Bluetooth tracker to put on my dog’s collar?

We’ve got two Google Home Minis and I was going to use the Bluetooth tracker component to check if our dog is going into the “good area” of the house.

I bought some Bluetooth iTag trackers from eBay but there’s a problem - as they aren’t going to be paired to a device (such as a phone) they switch off after a couple of minutes.

The Google Home tracker component are tracking Bluetooth devices that are discoverable the whole time.

So can you suggest:

A Bluetooth tag that is discoverable the whole time
Has a decent battery life (a month but preferably many months) or is rechargable
Can attach to a dog collar (ie., not too big or heavy)

Possibly hacking a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is an option?

I have just got two of these

Working with Google home and should last few months (I think I read it somewhere but cannot find now).

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll check them out :smile: