Bluetooth Tracker Problems

Hello everyone, Firstly a big thanks to everyone who puts into this great project that is Home Assistant.

Problem is I cannot for the life of me get the HOME & AWAY to work correctly when tracking bluetooth devices, I’ve installed, reinstalled etc done everything per as Hassio page, I have a basic automation using “State” for an iphone and android pad that when they are seen, they trigger a tts message through modipy to my android pad using lannouncer, for the best part it works, but within hours or sometimes a day later, Hassio seems to keep saying they are @ home, (mostly my iphone) even when bluetooth devices are off, so when they are turned on I get no notification, so does anyone know what the problem may be, There doesnt seem to be any errors in the log other than the timer got out of sync issue that always shows whether a fresh install or not. As of this moment I’m using 0.64.1, but it has done this on every hassio image flash I have made since 0.60. (very new to this) I’ve tried different flash cards, different raspberry pi3’s, different tablets for lannouncer etc, I’m only using ethernet connection now as wifi always caused me a problem, but always ends with the same scenario. I hope someone knows the cause or knows a fix as it just doesn’t seem stable enough to carry on using @ this point in time. TY

I was using BT tracker (and tried BLE tracker) for my phone(s) but it was problematic because the phone would sleep and sometimes I would get false positives. What I ended up doing was using a BLE tracker script to track my Tile instead (on my key chain; logic being that my keys follow my phone, generally speaking) paired with Nmap (network) and Owntracks (GPS) - See the link below for details on the script if you’re interested.

Probably not what you wanted to hear but that’s the route I ended up going down.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will have a play with that idea shortly, but baby steps for now and try to iron out problems first before I fry this old brain of mine.