Bluetooth Tracker used in parallel possible?

I have Owntracks & Actiontec device trackers running in parallel by adding the MAC to the Owntrack devices.
Obliviously, since these devices have different MACs for Bluetooth, I have no idea how to utilize all 3 device trackers at the same time.

I was wondering, is it possible to use the Bluetooth Tracker in parallel with other device trackers? OR am I limited to only using (Owntracks & Actiontec) OR (Owntracks & Bluetooth) but not all 3 (Owntracks & Actiontec & Bluetooth)


Yes. It is possible to have multiple device trackers in parallel.
However, how you would like to use their state depends on what you would like to do. You can use multiple conditions in automation to check for the state ‘home’ for all the sources and determine the action.

I do this. I use an input_boolean.myself to track my home/away state using Bluetooth, my router, and HA app/Owntracks.

I have automations tailored to update the input_boolean for each device tracker. HA/Owntracks updates it both ‘on’ and ‘off’. My router and Bluetooth only trigger it ‘on’.

This works great for me. It prevents my router/BT from triggering false ‘aways’ but I always have the most up to date ‘home’ signal from the 4 sources.